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Cuttings are twelve inches tall with one or more tips. Rooted Plumeria's are heavily rooted and shipped with dirt/root ball wrapped in breathable plastic. We ship on Mondays and Tuesdays to guarantee fast, no waiting delivery for our time sensitive Plants.

Pink Twirl Rooted

Plumeria (7).jpg


A beautiful variety with pink petals and spots of white with a deep dark orange center. Excellent bloomer, very fragrant, smells mostly like peppermint and spice.

Price: $35.00 Shipped For FREE via USPS.

Daisy Wilcox Cutting


Beautiful variety that's mostly white with a yellow center, very sweet fragrance and excellent bloomer. 

Price: $17.00 Shipped For FREE via USPS.

Rainbow Cutting


Beautiful bloom full of all the colors of the rainbow! When the blooms are exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, the reds and orange colors fade leaving dazzling pink and white pin striped petals. Very good bloomer, fragrance is similar to Daisy Wilcox.

Price: $20.00 Shipped For FREE via USPS.